Sunday, April 12, 2015

Barbados Hiking Tips

According to the official definition laid down in 1990 by the International Ecotourism Society, ecotourism means: "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people."

One of the fastest growing holiday types with a year-on-year increase of 10-15%, ecotourism has become an increasingly popular alternative to larger scale, commercial holidaying.

Ecotourism is not, however, a trendy term for a camping trip as some maintain, but rather a form of tourism that encompasses an area's natural beauty - whether it be a wilderness or quasi urban habitat - whilst embracing the local mores of a community.

Exemplifying this type of holiday is the Island of Barbados - one of the jewels in the Caribbean's crown.

Ecotourism areas in Barbados are mainly located on the Island's East Coast and inward regions. One of these areas, the Highland, is located centrally and offers a 'Highland Hike' guided tour which showcases glorious landscapes; a jaw-dropping expanse which can be viewed from some of the highest points on the Island - over 1000ft above sea level.

Sightseers on a Highland Hike tour set off from the Island's Highland Adventure Centre - comfortable clothing is recommended - for a trip through an assortment of villages and lush habitats at a steady pace throughout.

Part of the fun for travellers is in keeping an eye out for the playful Barbados Green Monkeys, long-time residents of the Island that inhabit the central and eastern parishes of St John, St Joseph, St Andrew and St Thomas.

Escorted by friendly and knowledgeable hiking guides, the Highland Hike is an unforgettable excursion through one of the world's lesser known treasures.

Similarly, the experience offered by the Barbados National Trust on one of its Hike Barbados tours - 'places most visitors never discover' - is a well-paced journey through the inherently diverse nature of the Barbados landscape - ancient woodland, quarries, gullies, tropical rainforests, off-road tracks, and sugar cane fields.

A Hike Barbados trip offers a variety of starting times with a morning hike (6am), an afternoon hike known as the Stop 'n' Stare (3:30pm), and a Moonlight Walk (5.30pm). Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear are of course required and every trip is tailored towards the fitness and stamina of the party involved.

Holiday destinations are always keen to make potential travellers aware of its 'best kept secret,' but on Barbados this is a promise rather than a hollow claim. Fulfilling this vow on the Island is the opportunity of a hike with Trekkers Hike and Cave Adventures, a traverse through the natural environments of the Harris and Jack-in-the-Box gullies - a veritable paradise of flora and fauna surrounded by imposing rock formations.

The hike culminates with a descent into Coles Cave, a thrilling exploration of a naturally formed cavern in the company of experienced local guides - the very essence of ecotourism.

For an increasing number of travellers, a Barbados holiday and an ecotourism hiking trip in particular, is a welcome diversion from the norm and an experience rich in depth and diversity.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Best For Tips For Hiker Girls

There is no greater way to get in touch with nature than a going on a hike. hiking is a great way to relax, and enjoy the world around you. Here are some climbing tips for girls looking to see a little more nature.

If you're first time hikers, you can join a group or club. That'd be a great way to get some of the knowledge and training.

Not only should a first aid kit be in your car, it really should also be in your walking gear. Basic supplies such as bandages, wound ointment, gauze, alcohol pads and tape can be very useful. These items are very light and do not take up much room. Two good additions to this first aid kit would be a few power bars and a bottle of water. A distinctive waterproof container of your medications would also be a good idea. recall to change these items frequently so they do not expire. Hygiene products for women and a container to put them in are crucial as well. There will not be any bathrooms along the way, and wet wipes may possibly be your only option.

Food and water are very important when hiking. Bring more than you think you will need. Nuts are light pounds, and do not take up much room. Water is essential, so bring a great deal.

Let people know where you are going, and how long you will be gone. In an emergency there is a much better chance of being observed if the authorities know where to start looking. Have an crisis cell phone just in case you need it. A compass is an essential tool when hiking. Make sure you know how to use one before you hit the trails.

Proper clothing and boots will make your hike more enjoyable. Wear layers so you can add or take off clothing as the weather changes. Dry socks and right fitting climbing boots are crucial as well. Getting care of your feet is vital because they take us where we need to go. If the hiking boots are new, make sure they are suitablely broke in before the hike. You can get more information about girls hiking boots by clicking that link.

When picking out new trials, make sure they are within your abilities. If you are new to mountain climbing, then pick easy paths, until you feel ready for more difficult ones. Mountain climbing should be a fun activity, and not stressful. Being prepared will ensure that you are ready for anything nature throws at you.

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